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Baby Kyriakidou 4 Months

First Time Mum

Christina Maria & Athina Eleni Kyriakidou
Christina Maria & Athina Eleni Kyriakidou

I can not believe Athina-Eleni, #babykyriakidou is already 4 months.  It is, an amazing and challenging experience.  Just when I think I have a routine worked out, she changes it.  Just when I think I am getting comfortable with motherhood, she throws something new at me.  She knows her own mind; I know she is only 4 months but she does.  She knows what she likes, how she wants to be held, when she wants to eat, when she wants to sleep.  She has a strong character like her father and it just so happens that they are both Leos.

Living With A New Born


We have moved Athina-Eleni into her own room.  We moved her at 3 months; she was too big for the crib and I felt it was time.  She is much more comfortable in her own bed and warmer.  She is now sleeping better and longer which is a blessing in itself. On average she is sleeping around 10 hours straight and this is on breast milk alone.  She has even started sleeping a little during the day.


Christina Maria Kyriakidou Breastfeeding
Christina Maria Kyriakidou Breastfeeding

As I wrote above, I am still breastfeeding.  I will keep breastfeeding for as long as I can.  I wish I could say that it does not restrict me but it does.  I don’t like to breastfeed in public; I just don’t feel comfortable.  I feed her at home and know that I have a two-to-three hour window to get things done and then back home for feeding.  It is manageable as long as I am close to home.  Now that she is 4 months, the Pediatrician has advised given her iron drops which we have started and I also give her vitamin D3 drops.   Unfortunately she needs this supplementation as she can not get enough through breast milk.


I had got into a bad schedule with the baby.  She was not going to bed until very late; some nights as late as at midnight.  My Doctor helped me set a schedule to help stop this.  We have been following the new schedule now for 1 week and it seems to be working.  She now goes to bed by 21.00 at the latest and she has started napping during the day which is great.

Getting Around

Christina Maria Kyriakidou with #babykyriakidou
Christina Maria Kyriakidou with #babykyriakidou

It is getting easier to get around.  I am used to the car seat and the buggy.  I have swapped my big over-the-shoulder handbag for a back pack as it is much easier with carrying the baby.  She is more settled in her car seat and likes to look out of the window when I am driving.


She still has colic unfortunately.  Some days it is very mild and some days more severe.  We had a very bad day after her recent immunisations and she cried for 2.5 hours straight.  It was a horrible experience both the baby and I.  I had to ring the Doctor for advice as I had tried everything I could think of to try and soothe her.  She eventually did settle but it took hours.

Smiles, Cuddles & Play Time

Athina Eleni On Her Rug
Athina Eleni On Her Rug

When Athina-Eleni is not in pain, she generally is a smiler.  I bought this beautiful rug from Okidokky which is machine washable and made with natural , non-toxic dyes.  We are now beginning to play a lot more but it still is very early days.  She has begun to hold things on her own but she is at the stage that everything she can get her hands on, she puts straight into her mouth.

She has certainly found her voice and spends time either in her bed or in her relax, talking to herself.  Yesterday she started to make the sound of blowing kisses.  I have no idea if she knows it is a kiss but I blow kisses at her all day so she now blows back and smiles.


Athina Eleni Playtime #babykyriakidou
Athina Eleni Playtime #babykyriakidou

I am trying to work as much as possible.  Some days are easier to write than others and some days are just impossible.  Thank you all for being patient and enjoying this journey with me.  I do have lots planned for 2019 including a giveaway or two so watch this space!

How Do I Feel?

I fall more in love with her day-by-day.  I am enjoying her more now that she is a little bit older and is more responsive.  I sing to her, I dance with her, I play with her.  It really is the best feeling in the world!    

If you have any questions, please send me a message.

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